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Bothered By Neighborhood Noise? Take Action!

When I was young I wanted to save the world.  As I got older I wanted to save my country - even older just my city.  Now as I reached the age to qualify for Medicare I just want to stop all the noise in my Dupont Circle DC neighborhood.  Especially on Sunday.

New Book Trailer

Watch the new trailer for my book "Raising Eyebrows: A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets It Right"

"Take Care Of Your Employees And They Will Take Care Of You" DL

As chronicled in my book Raising Eyebrows, A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets It Right, from the beginning of Tweezerman, the company that became my big success, I was empowering my employees.              

Yeah Unions!

If you are wondering why the right to collective bargaining is so important for union workers, here is a story about my father.

5 Ways Risking Failure Can Boost Your Career

I worked in lots of jobs when I was younger -- as a waiter, a restaurant manager, a parking lot attendant, and more. And then it dawned on me that I didn’t want to work for other people. I wanted to try being my own boss. That decision started me on the entrepreneurial road. During my life, I have started numerous business, most of which failed! But when they failed, I got used to shaking it off and moving on.

Responsible Capitalists at Bishop Loughlin High School

Recently I was asked to teach a career day, hour-long class to seniors at my Brooklyn-based high school alma mater, Bishop Loughlin. I agreed to do it, thinking I might inspire some young people to start and operate their own small business, as I myself had done at their age, and to do it responsibly.

Running a Business in Your Own Yard

Oct. 6, 2010

As my book, Raising Eyebrows: A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets It Right (John Wiley & Sons) hits the bookstores, I thought I would share some practical advice for running and starting a low-cost, no-overhead business with the other compulsive capitalists out there. It's a business anyone with extra stuff can do --  a yard sale.