Responsible Capitalism

Letter to IceStone Partners, Oct. 17, 2011

Dear Partners,

IceStone is in crisis. If nothing changes we run out of money by the end of the year at the latest.

Michelle Gibson, our CEO and President, announced her resignation last Thursday to save the company her yearly salary. Dal LaMagna took over as CEO and President effective the same day.

"Take Care Of Your Employees And They Will Take Care Of You" DL

As chronicled in my book Raising Eyebrows, A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets It Right, from the beginning of Tweezerman, the company that became my big success, I was empowering my employees.              

Responsible Capitalists at Bishop Loughlin High School

Recently I was asked to teach a career day, hour-long class to seniors at my Brooklyn-based high school alma mater, Bishop Loughlin. I agreed to do it, thinking I might inspire some young people to start and operate their own small business, as I myself had done at their age, and to do it responsibly.